This was one of the first freelance projects I had landed during my time at General Assembly studying UX Design. Since graduating from the program, I have developed so many new skills that inspired me to go back to one of my favorite projects and update what I have learned through my design process. The initial objective was to create a platform to sell products and bring awareness to an eco-friendly lifestyle to her audience, my goal was to redesign a personalized theme and engaging experience which my previous work lacked. The reason I had chosen this specific project to revisit because I believe and follow a eco-friendly life style. Not only do they create beautiful products but they are made with recycled material and vegan friendly ingredients.  I completed this personal project in about 4 weeks. 


Oro Apothecary is a small business residing in the Southside of Chicago. Their goal is to make the world a better place by creating sustainable, recycled products. All products are hand made, 100% vegan, and cruelty free. By purchasing their products the audience will become more aware of their mission to protect the environment & help preserve as many resources as possible by creating every day products with a sustainable approach. 


Lead Designer worked closely with the business owner and developer to create the anticipated vision.

 E - Commerce


Oro Apothecary 

Website Redesign - Personal Project


Aiming for emotional design

By mapping out existing users journeys it helped me discover inconsistent design patterns, & accessibility design issues by conducting an in-depth web audit. To solve this, I redesigned assets, rearranged and clarified pages through wire frames and created a digital style guide for a distinctive theme. 



 Home Page 



Eco Section



Eco Page



Digital style Guide

Redesign Home Page 

I redesigned the UI of the home page to improve the first appearance from the user's end. Delivering a more personalized and engaging theme that would stay consistent throughout the landing page. 


Wire Frame


Style Guide

Redesigning The Shop

I improved the text clarity and updated images from past collections which gave users a concise overview of where to purchase products.  After releasing the first batch of products last year, the demand for her products drastically grew & sold out within minutes after the release.I realized users were experiencing a complicated flow on determining what items were available.


To solve this issue, I created banners to determine the inventory for each category saving the user time during their shopping experience. 


Difficult to read


Font to small

Redesign The Mission Statement

Since I needed to create an accessible page for the eco-friendly facts I decided to combine it along with the mission statement to improve information hierarchy and implement UI elements for a more concise web and mobile layout. 

I also implemented images from previous seasonal collections as a sample for what the audience can expect from the seller (Inspo Images below). 



Delivering high efficient and information content to previously disengaged audience can assist in rapidly increased user flow to product sales and information. 

By creating a new eco friendly "lifestyle" page dedicated to the companies mission, I was able to deliver a holistic and conversational theme that can go beyond the products and hopefully make an impact within the user on the importance of protecting the Earth's resources. 


A Few Mobile Screens..