Journeying through life in Brooklyn as a product designer for the past 3 years, with 5 + years of experience in Marketing Operations. Expertise ranges from user research, concept development, to creating intuitive interfaces & prototypes. Striving to create solutions to cater to the business objects and user needs.

Currently, working with FCB Global NY as a product designer creating the best user-centric digital experience for Pfizer. Collaborating with agile teams to build highly accessible & scalable design systems for responsive web, mobile & tablet applications. Delivering handoff ready assets and breakpoint guides across multiple devices to developers. 


For fun, I'm collaborating with the GAIAN team as the lead designer, creating digital platforms, executing in the creative of pre production & styling for marketing campaigns to show case the importance of transforming every day clothes into tools to every day life. With the goal of creating a positive impact to the planet starting with the Moonwalker, an energy generating shoe.



Product Designer
Aspiring Set Designer
Open to freelance work 

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